Chess Openings in Various References

In playing chess most of the time is spent in the opening. Although chess opening should be given ample time in planning for moves, but it is also ideal to give enough time to study the middle game and the end game. In this sense, it is important to learn efficient chess openings in lesser time. This will help any player to facilitate and divide the time on the three part of the game.

Reference material is a great help in learning the different openings. You can find valuable information from many reference books like Encyclopedia Chess Openings, Nunn’s Chess Openings and Modern Chess Openings. These books will provide you information on deciding what systems you want to employ as well as the important opening lines. The benefit of using reference book is that you have a guide on studying your opening point. In this sense, your mind will be focused on the task you will carry on instead of wasting time studying inferior scenarios.

However, studying chess opening should be more than about memorizing the variations and lines. Figuring out the plans and themes available for use on each side is one way of effectively studying the openings. You can achieve it by using database games that provide examples of games played in higher level in the exact opening variations and lines you are studying. By just browsing in the internet, you can find multitudes of free databases programs that you can use. Having the right system you can easily learn the opening and games played before.

On the other hand, you can also use specialty books that will guide you toward the specific opening system or line. Included in this book are instructions of themes and ideas that you should learn and think about in your studies as well as in the actual game. Likewise, you can also learn ideas on how to trap your opponent at your advantage. However, specialty books are effective after you have referred to opening references, databases and played lot of games thus you will master the opening in chess.

If you are just beginning on this game, you can use the combination of databases and reference books for you to obtain general idea of the things happening in different openings. You can also achieve more insights about the subtle variations and differences that you can use in your own game. This will be your doorway to play well in the middle and end game. After you have mastered the opening until you reached at least 1800 USCF, it is then the time to work on the middle and end game. These parts of the game will be the deciding phase of the battle. No matter how good you are in the opening if you come across trouble in middle and end game, you will find hard time gaining your tempo. For this reason, you should not overuse your time studying and planning the opening but also towards the end of the game. Doing so, you can take in control the board throughout the game.

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