Humans Vs Zombies

Humans Vs Zombies

Humans vs zombies is a live action game. What does this mean? It means its played in real life. Think of it as a massive game of tag for adults.

Humans vs Zombies Was Rated 19 Out Of 20

Fun 9 Out Of 10

This game is a lot of fun. You get great exercise and you get to be outside while you play it. It’s really hard to beat this type of game for fun.

The only reason why it lost a point is that there could be some trouble getting the game set up. With schools and local law enforcement against games that require you to “kill” other people due to recent killings, it may be hard to get them to agree to this type of game being played in public.

This should not discourage you from playing. Just make sure you let the right people know about it and you have permission to play it

Socializing 10 out of 10 points

This is the best type of game for socializing. You get to meet new people and have fun with them. This is a well deserved 10 points.

How To Play

Who Can Play Humans Vs Zombies?

Anyone can play this game. You need a lot of space for this game. So primarily its played by college students.

However, if you have a large group of friends you can play this at the local park.

How To Play

Rules of humans vs zombies can vary depending on who organized the game. Also know as moderators.

Generally you start off with a group of people. 1 or 2 people are zombies. The rest are humans. The humans will have weapons to fight the zombies.

Weapons can include:

  • Rolled up socks
  • Nerf guns
  • Any other soft object

Once a zombie is hit by one of these objects he is stunned for 15 minutes. During this time the zombie can not interact with any other players.

A zombie who is not stunned can tag a human. When that happens the human is turned into a zombie.

How Do You Know If Someone Is a Zombie?

There are a few ways this can be done.

  • Zombies can wear headbands
  • Zombies can wear a hat backwards while humans where the hat forward

It’s normal for the first zombie of the game to go unmarked for a little bit of time. This makes it so that the zombies can build up their team.

An optional rule is that a zombie must tag a human after a certain amount of time or else they starve and are out of the game.

How Long Does A Game Last?

The game can last for several hours or for several days. It depends on the moderators.

Who Settles Disagreements?

If there are any disagreements among players the moderators settle them. These are like the refs. They are neutral and do not actually play the game.

Safe Zones

Since game play can last so long there are safe zones that are set up in advanced. In these safe zones all players are safe from attack. Safe zones can include:

  • Dorms
  • Dinning Areas
  • Restrooms

Out Of Bounds

There are areas that are considered out of bonds. Example would be if you are playing in a park any area outside of the park would be out of bonds.

If a player leaves the game and is out of bonds for so long they will be out of the game. The length of that time is determined by the moderators.

How Is A Winner Determined

This depends on the moderators. There can be a set time. In this case who ever has the most in their team wins.

You can play until one side has completed defeated the other side.


Please know that there are some colleges and a few other people who don’t like this game being played. Since there have been a few shootings some people feel that this game encourages that.

Before you play make sure you get permission from who ever owns the land that you play on. If it’s a college then you need to talk to them and get permission.

If you play at a park then you need to get the city’s permission and let the local cops know about. Especially if you use nerf guns for the weapons.

More Information

There is a whole site dedicated to humans vs zombies. This site contains a wiki as long as other information on the game.

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